Thomas with father Heinrich

Wine Estate Estate Bottling
OBERMOSER des Rottensteiner Thomas
St. Magdalena • Bozen/Bolzano • Südtirol/Alto Adige • Italy

Living Wine Culture in the Alps: 1890 the great-great-grandfather of Thomas acquired the house with cellar and some vines. Since then our little wine estate has grown with various challenges and is now an established estate bottler. We have wine in our veins: the four great-grandfathers all had vineyards in the picturesque St. Magdalena Classico wine district to the north-east of the city Bozen/Bolzano. We are equally committed to this ancestry as to seek perfection in the production out of our gifted vineyards: from the grapevine to the wineglass. Only by caring for every step of the wine we feel one with the bottle we hand over to those who also believe in this handcrafted product.

Persons: Thomas Rottensteiner (Owner), Heinrich Rottensteiner (Senior)

Vineyards: 3.8 ha of Vernatsch/Schiava, Lagrein, Sauvignon Blanc mostly in the St. Magdalener Classico area, one vineyard in the Kalterer See Classico area.

Main Varieties bottled in different wine selections:
Red St. Magdalener Classico: violet, elegant, noble, complex, friendly – the Vernatsch grape is the Tyrolean Alter ego of the Pinot noir – can remind a Burgundy Red.
Red Lagrein: dark, terroir, plummy, chewy – you can literally imagine the earth where he was born – suggested for Bordeaux lovers.
White Sauvignon Blanc: full, floral, vegetal, intrinsic herbaceous, grassy-nettles – both rich in intense aroma and fresh due to the Alpine origin – a reliably good dry white wine.

Bottles/Year: approx. 32000

Vision: After accurate cultivation and vinification of various international grape varieties like Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir in small quantities now in the new millennium we are focusing on three varieties and the best interpretations and selections of them. Staying small and focused. We believe the Reds beside being Classics are among the Best of the area/variety and the White is an interesting expression of our terroir.


Tips: Try to visit the wine village of St. Magdalena, especially around the 22th of July (celebration of the patron Saint Mary Magdalene) for traditional events, the 8th of August (Lorenzo’s Night) to witness a cool young open winetasting under the Portici ( Lauben Street) in the city BolzanoBozen. For focused tasting and wine comparison try to attend the Bozen/Bolzano Wine Tasting usually in March. If you like to explore more of the region’s extremely diverse wine-cultivating areas as active member of the Independent Winegrowers of South Tyrol ( we can easily facilitate your visit to salty Whites in the Eisack valley, Pinots of excellence from Eppan and many more unique producers.

Food for our Wines: Speck (Tyrolean ham) and Schüttelbrot (Tyrolean hard bread), Knödel, Goulash, Spaghetti Bolognese, Asparagus, Roasted Rabbit, Steak. Consider the wine descriptions.

Our wines are available in: South TyrolNorth ItalySwitzerland and selected places in Germany, Europe and Internationally.

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