Get such a smile by tasting our winegrower wines

🏡 Visit Us: we are convinced you can EnjoyVino more if you come to us and together with bottles take away a lasting impression. We do not have an always open shop, but are available also after short-term prior agreement from Monday to Friday.

For guided tours with tasting and sales on weekends, please book early. Please be patient if during harvest and some other time periods we have a busy calendar.
Make an appointment: by Phone, by E-Mail, by WhatsApp.
Payment: 💶 we accept cash, 💳 Bancomat, Visa and Mastercard.

You can transport 90 litres wine for your own use when travelling between EU countries.
If you prefer shipping of the wine see Buy our Wine directly from us or the Wine Shops/Stores page.

Guided tour with tasting

Senior Heinrich with visitors
Senior Heinrich sharing knowledge under a Lagrein Pergola

Depending on the season and weather, we agree on what’s most interesting for you: native grapevines, grapes, vineyards, terroirs, micro-climates, winegrower life, olives, fruits, family and estate history, cellar with big oak barrels, awards, tasting room, current and older wines.

For a tour with degustation of our three classic wines (Sauvignon, St. Magdalener, Lagrein) we usually take 10 Euro per Person. If you buy enough bottles this cost can become 0 (zero) 😄

We can welcome up to 15 persons. It is possible to park with 3-4 cars or a small bus.

Interested to discover more of the surprisingly diverse wine spectrum of South Tyrol? Have a look at Friends in Wine, a page where we introduce our best colleagues.